Sicilian style “Square” Pizza Menu

Pepperoni marinara sauce / buffalo mozzarella / charred pepperoni 3.5

House-made Spicy Sausage marinara sauce / buffalo mozzarella / house-made spicy sausage 3.75

3-Cheese marinara sauce / buffalo mozzarella / mild provolone / grated parmesan 3

Vegetarian buffalo mozzarella / basil pesto / mushrooms / zucchini / fresh tomato / red peppers / onions 3.5

The Combo marinara sauce / buffalo mozzarella / veggies / house-made spicy sausage / charred pepperoni 3.75

Focaccia Sandwiches

Made from our House-made Focaccia bread

Muffaletta “New Orleans Style” italian sliced meats / melted mozzarella / mild provolone / creole olive salad 9

Tomato-Mozza fresh tomato / melted mozzarella / basil pesto 7

Grilled Cheeses melted mozzarella / mild provolone / grated parmesan 6


Served with House-made Focaccia bread

Green Caesar little gems salad / parmesan / toasted almonds / green caesar dressing 6

Spring House spinach / little gems salad / cucumber / radish / cilantro dressing 6

Cheese Board

assorted cheeses / italian sliced meats / olives / warm focaccia bread 8

Ice Cream Sandwiches

“The Classic” chocolate brownie cookie & vanilla ice cream 5

ice cream sandwich of the week 5


Draft, Cans & Bottles… Draft, Cans & Bottles… OH MY A small but precise selection of craft beers and weekly “2 dollar a can” Special


A rotating selection of what’s good now, by the glass and by the bottle. From our underground wine cellar, actually just a basement, but it works.


The ‘Dough Management’ Process

The foundation for our Lynchburg pizza, as well as our sandwiches, is our focaccia dough. Due to the specific and lengthy process it undergoes, it ends up with a unique old-world flavor. We mix Italian flour, water, sea salt and yeast by hand. After the ingredients are mixed, we let our dough chill for 48 hours in our ‘dough room’, a special room that is climatized at 65 degrees. Once it has fermented for those 48 hours, we shape the dough into small portions. We allow it to relax and expand for an additional 24 hours in another chiller. On the fourth day, we remove the dough, and delicately press it down with the tips of our fingers and then bake it. This ‘dough management’ process gives the crust for the pizza and sandwiches on our pizza menu, an airy, chewy inside, with a crunchy, crusty bottom that has a distinct old world flavor. It’s not common these days when doing a search for “pizza places near me” to find one that dedicates this much time and effort to the creation of their dough.





Our Menu

Our Sicilian-style pizzas are topped with the finest ingredients we can find and baked in a 500-degree pizza oven. We add buffalo mozzarella (made from Italian Mediterranean buffalo milk), along with other fresh, delicious ingredients. Combined with our special focaccia crust, these ingredients make for a tasty Lynchburg pizza you won’t soon forget. We offer a variety of square pizzas, including Pepperoni, House-Made Spicy Sausage, The Combo, 3-Cheese, and Vegetarian. Order a slice or a whole pizza today from our pizza menu. Daughters and Sons Pizza offers dine in, takeout and delivery!

We are known for our amazing Sicilian style pizza in Lynchburg. Pizza, however, is not all we do. We offer delectable focaccia sandwiches. Our Muffaletta “New Orleans Style” sandwich is our take on this classic Louisiana specialty. Filled with Italian sliced meats, melted mozzarella, mild provolone, and creole olive salad, it has quickly become a customer favorite. The Tomato-Mozza sandwich, layered with fresh tomato, melted mozzarella, and basil pesto is a delightful sandwich version of a Caprese salad. And then there is the hot sandwich you can find at almost any restaurant, but not quite like this – the Grilled Cheese. Our Grilled Cheese has buffalo mozzarella, mild provolone, and grated parmesan, melted perfectly between to slices of our focaccia bread. We didn’t just want to bring a new style to Lynchburg pizza but also offer unique versions of classic sandwiches such as these.

What goes well with our pizza and sandwiches? Salad. Our Green Caesar is made up with little gems salad, parmesan, toasted almonds, and green caesar dressing. Or maybe you’re in the mood for the Spring Salad, a combination of spinach, little gems salad, cucumber, radish, and cilantro dressing.

Looking for something to share between two or more people in Lynchburg? Pizza, sandwiches and even salad are great choices, but our Cheese Board is ideal to share while having a craft beer or glass of wine. The Cheese Board is a selection of assorted cheeses, Italian sliced meats, olives, and warm focaccia bread. The board is perfect for enjoying while having a conversation between friends.

Let’s not forget about dessert! You can’t go wrong with a gourmet ice cream sandwich. These are not the dainty ice cream sandwiches you’re used to. These thick treats are a filling dessert. We have The Classic, a chocolate brownie cookie & vanilla ice cream sandwich, as well as the ice cream sandwich of the week.

Let’s face it, there are probably several pizza places near you, but Daughters and Sons Pizza has a warm and trendy atmosphere with unique offerings on the pizza menu.

When you’re searching for incredible Lynchburg pizza, look no further, Daughters and Sons Pizza has you covered! Visit us or order delivery today!  Have more questions? Contact us at our restaurant in downtown Lynchburg, Va.